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Endorsements of A Lever Long Enough

Who wouldn’t want to time-travel back to first century Jerusalem to see if the Resurrection really happened? Amy Deardon has given me the next best thing with her novel bringing old Jerusalem to life. I raced through the book at lighspeed and enjoyed it immensely. Strong characters and an unpredictable plot made this a book I’ll want to read again.

Randy Ingermanson
Christy Award-Winning Author of Transgression and Oxygen

Amy Deardon’s debut novel is compelling, intriguing and explosive! Fans of Michael Crichton, Mark Mynheir, and Creston Mapes will love the fast-paced, character-driven and suspense-filled plot. I cannot wait to see what else Deardon has in store for her fans!
Thomas Phillips
Author of The Molech Prophecy

If you could go back to Christ’s crucifixion, would you do it? What if the only way you could was by time-traveling with skeptics bent on proving Christianity is based on a lie? Author Amy Deardon tackles these provocative questions in her phenomenal debut novel: A Lever Long Enough. Readers will find themselves enveloped in the scope and import of this adventurous tale where love, loyalty, and faith will be tested in the crucible of first century Jerusalem.
Wayne Thomas Batson
Bestselling author of The Door Within trilogy, Isle Of Swords, and Isle Of Fire

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Deardon wrestles with this question in an exhilarating adventure full of high technology, romance, and treachery that excites the imagination. There are no easy answers, only compelling arguments that will challenge your beliefs— whatever they may be.
Ralph Hamilton MD
Professor of Surgery, Emeritus
University of Pennsylvania

In A Lever Long Enough, Deardon expertly weaves science, technology, fact, and fiction into a riveting tale. Deardon’s ability to take the reader from within a top-secret military lock-down facility to a realistically depicted 1st Century Jerusalem makes this science fiction thriller a stunning and captivating read from start to finish.
A.K. Arenz
author of The Case of the Bouncing Grandma

This is a book packing multiple big pleasures within its pages— clever time-travel adventure, political intrigue, fascinating historical settings, philosophical/religious challenges, and a captivating mix of imagination and technological authenticity. Deardon’s exhaustive and meticulous research and her deft writing skills set this book well apart from the crowd.
Donna W. Payne, PhD
Biomedical researcher
co-author of The Handel’s Messiah Family Advent Reader

Whiz-bang twists in a never-ending series of surprises and subterfuge drag the reader right inside all the thrills. Breathless shocks, sweaty fingertips, romantic suspense, forbidden faith, a trail of corpses—yes, this one is definitely hard-hitting…Ten out of ten! I hope to see more work soon from this brilliant author.
Grace Bridges
author of Faith Awakened and Legendary Space Pilgrims

A fiction strong enough—To borrow a phrase from Archimedes, this “Lever” might just move your world. Smart, action-packed, and meticulously researched, this thriller is thoroughly believable. So buckle up and get ready for your own ‘time throw’—once you open this book, you will immediately find yourself transported five hours into the future. Be sure to clear your schedule!
Amy Fogelstrom Chai, MD, MS
author, columnist, educator

A Lever Long Enough is a fascinating story of faith and action. Ms. Deardon’s use of technology keeps the adventure high, and Biblical accuracy makes the story factual and believable. I could barely put the book down, and am eagerly anticipating the next part of the adventure.
Michael Saunders
Biblical Teacher, The Holy Land Experience, Orlando Florida

“Fascinating and intriguing…unpredictable and provocative… I look forward to the sequel.”
T.H. Shumpert, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor Emeritus Electrical and Computer Engineering
Auburn University

 First-time author Amy Deardon does many things very well in "A Lever Long Enough." First and foremost, she puts a new spin on a familiar story. That one thing draws the reader into the story with fresh eyes. The plot of the story reads like an action flick. Think "Star Wars" meets "Quantum Leap" meets spy movie, only with a Christian theme and perspective!

When you read this novel, it's obvious that the author has spent hours on research. Because of the attention to detail, the story world comes alive on the page. From ancient Jerusalem to futuristic time machines, the realism is nothing less than amazing. There is a considerable amount of historical information in this book, but Deardon skillfully weaves in action to keep the information from becoming boring.

One of my favorite parts of "A Lever Long Enough" is the parallel that is drawn between opposition to Christ and His followers in the first century and the opposition that continues in the story world of the future. The followers of The Way in the futuristic part of the story had to operate in much the same way as the early followers of Christ.

Another thing Amy Deardon did exceptionally well is ending chapters so that the reader keeps turning the pages. The chapters are shorter than normal, which I really enjoyed and appreciated. There's something for everyone in this book--sci-fi, romance, history, and more!

A quick word of warning--this story will leave you wanting more!

Written Jan. 5th, 2009
by Cathy Bryant

I was unable to put this book down. The history and time elements were great and Amy did an awesome job in her quest to make a historically accurate story of the present going back in time travel to observe Israel just before and during the death of Jesus Christ. The mission is to video the occurrences and hopefully change present day circumstances. They need to prove one way or another that Jesus and his followers were telling the truth about his burial and resurrection. Benjamin and Sara are attempting to fulfill the mission against all odds despite the lack of trust among the crew and their mission support in the present earth time. The fight for truth extends in all directions. Amy has woven a powerful story of intrigue between her characters. I found myself relating to the "good guys" and "bad guys: in their quest to make things right for the Jesus followers of today.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves time travel stories.
I gave Amy five stars and can't wait to read her next story.

Written Jan. 4th, 2009
by Paulette Harris

A Lever Long Enough fuses strands of intrigue, inventive technology, romance, and religion into an explosive read. Benjamin and Sara, the protagonists, enter the story as part of the team leading project FlashBack, a mission into the past to disprove the Resurrection. Sabotage only days before the launch date ratchets up the tension of the mission, a tension that builds once Flashback begins to reveal the secrets of the past. Throughout the mission Sara and Benjamin endure a journey that changes their feelings for each other and rocks the foundations of their faith. This story will drag readers into the past along with Benjamin and Sara,, a past that comes alive through Deardon's meticulous research and vivid description. I give this stunning first novel five stars!

Written Jan. 4th, 2009
by Hannah Cobb

In A Lever Long Enough, author Amy Deardon cleverly takes time travel into a new dimension: change history and shape the present not by altering the past but by disproving it.

The story's steadily brisk pace paradoxically slows for time travel sequences that take the breath away (the only time my page turning slowed during an up-all-night read). Deardon jettisons an Israeli two-man, two-woman team into vividly portrayed first century Israel and its dangers, while adeptly keeping stride with the unraveling espionage back at their base.

Characters and scenes nicely blend military rigor and the dominant action with a sprinkling of humanity's tender moments--and the romance which progressively motivates Colonel Benjamin Feinan, without compromising his drive for a successful mission and unwavering patriotism. His romantic interest, the competent "ice princess" Major Sara Levenson, is driven by her gripping search for truth to the point of vulnerability.

Magnificent and authentic depictions of ancient Jerusalem will fascinate the faithful, while details of science both true and fictional are sure to intrigue the analytical and the curious alike. This reader's only complaint is that Deardon's surprise ending leaves me hungry for the sequel she can't serve soon enough.

Written Jan. 1st, 2009
by A.L. Bundy

Author Amy Deardon takes the old idea of time travel and gives it a new twist. Who wouldn't like to have been there when Jesus resurrected from the dead?

Israel is on the verge of signing a pact that could finally bring peace to the troubled nation. But The Way, a growing sect of Yeshua (Jesus) followers, is making things difficult. They need to be silenced with the truth. Seeking to debunk the account of Yeshua's resurrection, Benjamin Feinen leads a small team of military experts back in time to first century Jerusalem. Time travel is risky enough. Operation FlashBack becomes even more dangerous when a traitor works to sabotage the mission.

Benjamin Feinan's uncanny ability to accomplish near escapes has earned him the reputation for being invincible. As commander of the team executing Operation FlashBack he can handle danger, deception, and even death. Doubt moves in when he begins to have feelings for his second-in-command. Finding the truth behind Yeshua's empty tomb takes on a deeper significance.

Deardon's stunning debut novel dovetails the awe-inspiring history of the first century with the chilling technology of latter times for a fast-paced, action-packed suspense. I've read other novels that switch from one setting to another and have found myself preferring one over the other. Not so in A Lever Long Enough. Deardon's masterfully written past and present equally captivated me. The author's attention to detail in both setting and plot gave this reader an unforgettable experience. In fact, A Lever Long Enough would make a terrific movie. I look forward to seeing what Deardon has for us in the future.

Written Dec. 30th, 2008
by Lydia Tsirozidis

Amy Deardon has penned an imaginative, fast-paced debut novel. The well-researched specifics of the different time periods, both the near future and the far distant past, breathe life into a story of suspense and action. Readers intrigued by first century history will be entralled with the author's comprehensive content. Readers interested in a great story will be equally satisfied with a novel that keeps them turning pages at an ever-increasing rate of speed. Ms. Deardon's blend of historical accuracy and tight storytelling makes this a read well worth the time investment.

I look forward with anticipation to more from Amy Deardon. Highly recommended!

Written Dec. 30th, 2008
by G. Stewart







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